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The Etiology of a Coward.

26 September
I update often and with reckless disclosure, so I find it works best that the journal be kept Friends Only and not google searchable. Just drop me a comment and I'll add you.
!!!, 35mm, achille mbembe, adorno and horkheimer, aesthetics, albert camus, aleksandr rodchenko, all that heaven allows, amelie nothomb, american astronaut, aphorisms, bell hooks, björk, bookstores, bret easton ellis, brevity, chk chk chk, chuck palahniuk, claudia card, computer science, consciousness, contemporary fiction, critical theory, darren aronofsky, dead or alive, derrida, dialectical theology, dot net, douglas sirk, electroclash, electronica, elliot, epistemology, existentialism, fake interests, far from heaven, fibonacci sequence, fischerspooner, foucault, french new wave, gay hypergamy, giorgio agamben, hedonism, historiography, houston astros, imitation of life, indie films, irvine welsh, javier marias, jose saramago, judith butler, junot diaz, kafka, kinship, langston hughes, language, linguistics, literary theory, literature, logic, logos, marcel proust, marquis de sade, maurice blanchot, melancholy, metaphysics, michael warner, minima moralia, misanthropy, mogwai, morphology, motherfuckernyc, murder by death, mysticism, múm, natural language processing, new wave, new york city, new york mets, nihilism, novels, ontology, pacifism, parrhesia, philadelphia phillies, philosophical dialect, philosophy, phonology, pj harvey, planes mistaken for stars, political science, pomosexual, powaqqatsi, radiohead, rilo kiley, six feet under, subversive literature, the books, the flesh, the rapture, the streets, the velvet underground, theodor adorno, thomas pynchon, trail of dead, trance, tv on the radio, underworld, visitor q, vladimir nabokov, walter benjamin,