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Aug. 28th, 2002 @ 04:43 pm need a break from packing shit
Current Mood: packrat
Current Music: Travis - Flowers In The Window

# name = alberto. i like when people call me albert like jamie and my family do... aka albrish to my lil 2 year old cousin who cant say it right. maybe i should introduce myself how i wanna be addressed from now on :)
# birthday = 09/26/1982
# piercings = im going to go to a shop for my bday and tell the person to pierce whatever they feel like
# tattoos = no ma'am
# height = 6'2"
# weight = 185-190lbs
# shoe size = 11
# hair color = black
# length = i hope this means hair length.... �inch
# siblings = john just got his fuckin license. damn him
# pets = chuckie the rabid dog.

# movie you rented = american psycho
# movie you bought = donnie darko
# song you listened to = Finch - Letters to You
# song that was stuck in your head = Duran Duran - Notorious
# song you've downloaded = Travis - Why does it always rain on me
# cd you bought = whoa. i dunno. i hardly ever buy them. thursday's full collapse?
# book you bought = Nick Hornby's "How To Be Good"
# cd you listened to = Saves the Day - Can't Slow Down
# book you read = finished catcher in the rye cuz i felt like reading that. last i read was Chuck Palahniuks "Survivor"
# person you've called = marie... you weren't there (bitch)
# person that's called you = some dean at rutgers about my moving in early
# tv show you've watched = NOVA
# person you were thinking of = i saw a catcus plant in the store today and it reminded me of the cactus nicole bought me freshman year and i ended up throwing out in the trash when i moved cuz i was mad at her. i'd been thinking of mailing her a cactus in the mail but i dont even know if that allowed anymore with anthrax and stuff or if she'd care for it.
# you have a bf or gf = im single
# you have a crush on someone = I had this terrible crush on this friend of mine this summer but i didn't really feel like acting on it, so it'll just be cute and forgotten with time cuz i'd rather be her friend.
# you wish you could live somewhere else = i want to live somewhere that u can sit out at night in summer and just look up and see shooting stars with someone you care about. fuck city lights.
# you think about suicide = yea. i've definitely thought about it enough. stuff like how weird it'd be if i died because no one would have all the pieces to the puzzle that is my life and everyone would just think they did. i wondered how long before people stopped noticing i was dead. how long before i really was nothing more than a ghost.
# you believe in online dating = not really. but people swear it works. saw some commercial of married people with kids that met on some dating thing online
# others find you attractive = i think the only people who do find me attractive are just desperate and will tell me nice things to get some. im cynical. i know.
# you want more piercings = 09/26/2002
# you want more tattoos = i still cant find a symbol that means enough to me.
# you drink = i got nothing better to do. i drink and i worry about getting a beer gut, not about the real problems in my life
# you do drugs = everyone is getting into bigtime drugs lately. i've never snorted anything before but what the hell.. whynot.
# you like cleaning = if its my mess. i really hate cleaning after someone else.
# you like roller coasters = i was always afraid of them til the time i went with jen bell to great adventure and i just got on them cuz i was trying to look cool and she was afraid of the batman and robin ride. god damn i was such a tough guy. haha
# you write in cursive or print = i write in print but its usually connected letters... but its by no means cursive.
# you carry a donor card = my driver's license is checked off to give any organ but its faded from being in my wallet. i was wondering the toher day if i was in that situation if that tiny mark on the license card would be enough for them to just rip out my organs ... like what if it was a smudge or something. what if i checked off just my kidneys and they saw the smudge and just gave everything away? god damn

pro or anti
# long distance relationships = they never work when u get to college. it'll be strictly a formality. besides i cant keep a relationship working short distance... so im ANTI
# using someone = PRO if they dont know any better... whats the big deal. its a learning experience.
# suicide = PRO its your choice. i can't force you to live. that makes me prochoice eh?
# killing people = ANTI. you'd be infringing on their rights.
# legalized marijuana = i believe nevada is close to passing a bill for that. PRO we could at least get rid of prescription drugs and alcohol if we were such a moral society.
# teenage smoking = ANTI they're just fuckin kids.
# doing drugs = drugs are technology. technology is ruling our existance. its bound to happen more often.
# bombing IRAQ = PRO why didn't they do it right the first time?
# premarital sex = i dont believe in marriage. this question is now null and void.
# driving drunk = ANTI even though i've done it a million times. i dont drive if i can't walk... well usually. i havent killed anyone or broken anything so shut up
# gay/lesbian relationships = PRO duh.
# death penalty = i mean if u're gonna take away someone's freedom. i dont see how taking their life is so much worse. ANTI i guess.
# human cloning = PRO is just the next logical step in our evolution
# soap operas = ANTI why can't they show reruns of the richard bey show during those mid afternoon tv time slots?

# food = pizza. its the perfect food.
# song = my life in the knife trade by BoySetsFire OR creep by radiohead
# thing to do = all i do lately is read, lift at the gym, and play online. that is my life.
# thing to talk about = nobody ever wants to talk about books, movies, exploding mice, or anything crazy. the only people who talk about philosophy are the ones who are dead set in their own. thats why i keep this fuckin journal. cuz its expected to not talk back. it makes me feel better.
# sports = world cup soccer. i never get any of the MLS games to watch and stay current on that shit, so i dunno about the metrostars
# drinks = diet coke, silk soy milk, & flavoured seltzer water
# clothes = i think my all-time favorite shirt is my Paul Frank Monkey in a Business Suit tee
# movies = 2001: A Space Odyssey. It's so fuckin beautiful. I kind of respect anyone that can sit through silence and extremely drawn out shots like in that movie. If you could even give me your opinion on the message of the movie i'd be impressed too. people just give up and say they dont get it. fuck people.
# bands = SavesTheDay. Radiohead. BoySetsFire. Thursday. lately i've liked: Finch, Keepsake, Coldplay, Desaparecidos, & ThisDayForward
# holiday = July 4.
# cars = i want to drive a brand new jeep wrangler sport.

have you...
# ever cried over a girl/boy = once or twice maybe
# ever lied to someone = everything i say is a lie. i've never been honest in my entire life.
# ever been in a fist fight = we had wrestlemania outside of the fraternity that cool night. big thanks to zeta psi
# ever shot a gun = i spent many a day at the firing range down in florida with Oscar in January
# ever been arrested = no. i've only had a handful of confrontations with police. i'm paranoid of them though. i'm so whipped by society.
# ever had sex with someone who's name you didn't know = freshman year i had sex with people who's species i didn't know

# shampoo do you use = that herbal orgasm stuff. i dont moan usually though.
# perfume do you use = i always get nervous when the questions are directly addressed to females... am i the only guy filling this out? god im gay.
# shoes do you wear = i got a cool pair of black/gray GBX shoes
# are you scared of = never finding someone who understands me.
# number of times I have had my heart broken? i usually do the breaking, to avoid getting mine broken later on. offense is the best self defense. its no way to live though... i've tied my hands behind my back and will let whoever wants it to take the first jab
# number of hearts I have broken? i've been a jerk. i don't break hearts though. im not that important.
# number of boys I have kissed? uhhhhh i dunno
# number of girls I have kissed? for fucks sake. okay... freshman year alone i got blitzed beyond all belief every chance i could. my gpa was 1.219 that first semester. i kissed so many girls, guys, cook college farm animals that i dont keep count anymore. seriously.
# number of continents I have lived in? i was born in the caribbean... thats north america right?
# number of drugs taken illegally? counting all prescription drugs as one... i'd say about 5 or 6
# number of people I would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends? dood ! sometimes i think about it and i'd seriously do anything for some people. i dont think they have a clue. they probably dont. im not good at showing those things. but i dont know who gives enough of a fuck about me to trust that way. nobody i guess. im alone on that one. no one ever is honest. everyone puts up this front like they have it all together. how do you meet soulmates playing those games? how do you?
# of people I consider my enemies? there's some friends of mine that i think i just keep talking to because i want to make sure i know what they're up to... kind of to preempt them from hurting me again.
# of people from high school that I stayed in contact with? if you didn't go to rutgers or if we weren't really chill mofo's (handful) we don't talk anymore. haha dood i dont think i talked to anymore people from sayreville war memorial high school when i WENT there.
# of cd's that I own? i scammed BMG for about 200+ in high school. my mother said she'd ground me if i kept doing it
# of times my name has appeared in the newspaper? ummm for cross country top ten finishes in home news tribune, for some of those video's we won awards on in high school, and ummm when i've written into the DAILY TARGUM before :)
# of scars on my body? i dont really have any huge gashes. the little ones seems to disappear with time.
# of things in my past that I regret? you can regret everything. every single thing you have ever done. so you get tired of it eventually. i at least i have. so i just don't look back as i continuously fuck up my life.
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