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Aug. 28th, 2002 @ 11:03 am (no subject)
im packing all my things.
i talked the housing people into letting me move in thursday.
this year i decided i shouldnt take so much stuff. i mean how often did i use that electric jackhammer anyway? so here i am. my room was clean for a while now its a mess. i thought for sure moving out this week would be kind of a nostalgic frenzy. i don't plan on moving back home for anymore than a few days after i leave this time. this is it. i thought for sure there'd be this desire to bring as much of my last few years with me, but surprisingly i want none of it. not that i resent it or anything. its just i am moving on. hopefully for the better.
Ever wake up one day and you have a revelation that you've grown as a person from some time in the near past? like you just noticed you're 7300 days old, not 7299. thats how i feel. this summer's end i really jumped a few hurdles that i've had in my tracks for a long time. so i guess in a way my moving out with less STUFF is a good way to describe the emotional baggage im leaving with. packing light for the longest vacation... from this day forward.

my floor at school is going to be so cool.
we all took the same floor. same side of the building. my room mate is one of my fraternity brothers. so i have no worries about finding people on my floor i like.

i'll write more when im not packing.
oh and im buying new glasses today.
i'll post a pic or something maybe.
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